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Yellow Drop

Tomato Yellow Drop

Indeterminate. Cordon. Produces hardy, vigorous, pest and disease free vines laden with small, yellow, pear-shaped fruit. Burpee's catalogue describe this USA heirloom as their “best tasting yellow mini tomato, sweet and mild.” Let us know what you think.

20 seeds
Indeterminate. Cordon
Yellow varieties

Mr Hong's

Vietnamese Mustard Mr Hong's

Vietnamese mustard can be stir-fried or mixed with other salad leaves. Worth growing for its flavour. It is sweet with a peppery kick, but not quite as ferocious as winter mustards. Before the flowers open the buds form tiny, broccoli-like, lime green florets, which are great for adding flavour and texture to salads.

50 seeds
Vietnamese Mustard
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